THE British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (BCCP) lauds the increase in tourists visiting the Philippines, which surpassed the year-end target — reaching up to 5.45 million international arrivals in 2023, as reported by the Department of Tourism.

The United Kingdom secured the 8th spot as the key source of international visitors to the Philippines, reaching 154,698 in 2023.

In line with its advocacy, the BCCP will be hosting its “4th Travel Talks” on April 24, 2024, from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in Makati City.

This year’s event theme is “Trailblazing the Future of Travel,” which aims to discover the post-pandemic world of tourism as a pivotal industry that drives economic growth.

The event hopes to further attract visitors to various destinations far beyond. The topic of discussion is aimed at job creation across various sectors such as hospitality, transportation, entertainment and retail industries.

This also explores the different innovations that shape the future of travel and uncovers various opportunities and strategies to further strengthen the travel sector.

“This will be our fourth edition of Travel Talks, [and] we are looking forward to working with tourism in highlighting the opportunities and growing the relationships between the Philippines and the UK,” BCCP executive director and trustee Christopher James Nelson noted.

Moreover, the talk will have insightful guest speakers from the International SOS and the British Council and other relevant individuals within the hospitality and travel industry.

BCCP explores more opportunities in the travel sector to further strengthen the relationship between the Philippines and the UK for trade and investment. It remains committed to promoting the Philippines as an investment hub and provides emphasis on the growing travel and hospitality sector in the country.

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